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Information: Member of the Month (MOTM)

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Information: Member of the Month (MOTM)



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From today on we will be starting the monthly MOTM (Member of the Month) contest, and I will be the one hosting it.
There will be ONE member every month, who will be rewarded with the exclusive motm.png MOTM award. Those who carry the award are therefore a special member and an important part of the community.

DAY 1: The first 12 days of the contest will be dedicated for the nominations. You are allowed to nominate any member of your choice, who you think deserves the title.
DAY 12: We, the staff members, will choose TWO members of the ones nominated once the 12 days are over.
DAY 15: We will announce the two nominated members and include a public poll in the thread. We will pick them based off their previous contributions, quality of their posts, activeness, overall behaviour and multiple other factors.
DAY 27: After another 12 days we will close the poll and shortly after announce the winner of the contest.
(These aren't fixed dates.)

Note: There will be a total of two threads posted every month. One for the nominations and one for the poll + announcement.

Previous winners will be shown here.

Rules will be enforced to prevent people from cheating and abusing.
These are the following rules of the contest:

  • You are only able get the MOTM award once.
  • You are not allowed to ask your 'friends' to vote for you nor nominate you. You will get blacklisted from joining any future MOTM contests if you get caught.
  • You may vote for yourself.
  • Staff members are not allowed to get nominated.
  • You must follow the format given to nominate a member correctly. Failing to follow the format will result in your post getting ignored.
  • You are not allowed to nominate yourself.
  • Any troll nominations will get you blacklisted.
  • You will be blacklisted from entering any future contest and/or be given a warning point if any of these rules get broken.

Format for nominating a member:


Member nominated: @Member

Your post will be ignored if the format hasn't been followed. Any troll nominations will get you blacklisted.
You must put a proper reason for the nomination. You personally liking him does not count.

Nulled Staff

P.S.: The contest for this month will be rushed as we are halfway through the month. Stay tuned. :bleach:

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