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Regarding Reports and Spam Fighter Award

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Regarding Reports and Spam Fighter Award



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Dear Nulled community,


Lately, the staff team has witnessed a large increase in the number of reports received and resolved by us every day. Sometimes those reports are helpful, and sometimes they are not. We want to make it clear that if you see spammers on a thread, you needn't spam reports for us to deal with them. Its part of our resolving routine to check the entire thread for leechers and spammers so please, report only 1 post for each thread you want. Spamming reports will not only lead to mix-ups but it will also be complicated for us to resolve.


1- from now on, you are only allowed to report 1 post on each thread at a given time, except for:
A ) a different type of offense being made.
B ) something worth mentioning that might help us somehow.


2- the spam fighter award requirements have been reworked. From now on, users will not be judged by the number of reports but the quality of them. This is because we have seen a huge increase in reports but the quality remains low. We want users to feel rewarded when helping us, so the spam fighter award will be given by our staff to those we deem helpful and to those who show us their main concern is to eradicate the leechers/spammers and not just for personal gain/show-off.


Current users awarded with spam fighter will keep the award, they are not affected by this change.


Thank you for your help and cooperation,

Nulled Staff

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