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Is grinding/chores the prevailing expectation from modern MMOs?

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Is grinding/chores the prevailing expectation from modern MMOs?




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I bring this up in light of the extremely poor reception of Throne & Liberty. From the gameplay footage I've seen, the criticisms about the look and feel of the game seem justified -- at cursory glance, it did not look better than some MMOs that came out many years prior. But a lot of focus has been on its autoplay feature which allows people to complete objectives without actually playing the game.

I loved Lost Ark and it had the most skilled combat out of all the MMOs I've played. But I got too burnt out from the daily grind. So to me, the idea of autoplaying the tedious grind is actually appealing. I don't know to what extent you can autoplay the game, but my assumption is that autoplay could allow me to keep up in the game without burning out while actively engaging in the more fun parts of the game like PvP, which was originally hyped up. I have no idea why they haven't shown the other parts of the game because what's available is a terrible look.

It's clearly not for everyone who wants something more akin to Lost Ark combat, but for the sake of discussion let's say there's stuff in game that we haven't seen yet that is compelling and enough content to keep you busy. Is the reason why you keep playing the game for the grind? What's the biggest argument against automating the grind? Can the game potentially be a nice alternative for casual players who burn out easily?

I don't think we have to go into discussion into why the grind exists if it's autoplayable since the answer is going to be some form of monetization and active player statistics.


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