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Nulled 2023 Development Phase Part 1

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Nulled 2023 Development Phase Part 1




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Hello Members,
The Staff Team of Nulled wishes you a Happy New Year, along with some updates about the future of the forum.
There have been many ups and downs throughout the past year, however that hasn't stopped us from working on new things for Nulled and it's members.
Here is a list of things we are going to introduce in the coming few months of the new year, which we hope you are going to be excited about:

  • Nulled V4 Theme Revamp: A modern, more mobile friendly theme that will have you in awe.
  • Shoutbox Update: We will be working on a newer version of the shoutbox that will re-introduce some features that aren't currently working as well.
  • Rework on Rank requirements and possibly make a new rank.
  • Plans on adding more useful tools for the community in our exclusive releases section.
  • Auctions House Feature: The release of this feature is imminent, so you won't have to wait long.
  • New Purchase Advertisements system: A brand new automated advertisements system that will help out our users to buy banners easier.
  • Add more earnable awards based on X things achieved (Those will be discussed further, to accommodate more of the newer systems as well)
  • Work more on website stability to prevent any prolonged downtimes.
  • Fix more Bugs reported by members.
  • Add more emotes for our users to enjoy.
  • Host more Community Polls that will decide on some things that have been requested before by members.
  • Hire more Coders and Reversers to improve the overall content quality seen in the exclusive releases, as well as take requests upon those.

While for most of those things in the list you are already aware of, there are many others that will be happening as well that haven't been announced yet but we will be carefully working on. Do not forget, that we are always open for good feature suggestions, so feel free to give us more ideas on what more we can do to help our community further.
Nulled Administration Team.

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