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Upgrade F.A.Q

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Upgrade F.A.Q




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Upgrading F.A.Q

Q ) What are the benefits of upgrading my account?
A ) Please read the benefits you can obtain here.
Q ) What payment methods are accepted?
A )  We currently accept Ethereum,Bitcoin, PaySafeCard and Amazon.DE Giftcards
Q ) How long does it take to receive my subscription?
A ) It depends on the payment method.

  • Ethereum,Bitcoin : 3 confirmations
  • PaySafeCard and Amazon.DE Giftcards are manual, however it shouldn't take more than 24 hours.

Q ) How long does VIP last for?
A )  VIP lasts for 3 month ( 90 days ) while AQUA and NOVA are lifetime subscriptions.

Q ) I paid for VIP and haven't received it yet.
A ) Wait 30 minutes after payment, if you still didn't receive it, send a PM to @Lucas with title "VIP Payment" and include your transaction ID.
Q ) I would like to pay via Amazon.DE Giftcard
A ) PM @Lucas the Amazon.DE Giftcard code and you will receive your VIP subscription.
Note : Amazon.DE Giftcards payments are manual, PM @Lucas for that.

Q ) Can i gift VIP to other members?
A ) Yes, you can.  Use this link and replace "UID" with the person's UID ( https://www.nulled.t...teway.php?gift=UID )

OR Just send a PM @Lucas with the user you want to upgrade.
Q )  What happens if my payment is reversed or charge-backed?
A )  Your Nulled account will be closed permanently.
Q ) Can I get a refund?
A ) No, Sales are final and are non refund-able.

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