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Nulled V3 - Revert reasons and issues that came up

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Nulled V3 - Revert reasons and issues that came up




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Hello Nulled,


We are making this thread to explain further the reason why we have decided to revert back to v3 and the issues that came up with v4 that made most of you disappointed.


To begin, after further live testing we noticed that there were some major stability issues concerning the cache system of the forum which was making many things seem out of place or you would get many errors in regards to them(forumsRow theme error, rptable and such). Furthermore, issues with the shoutbox occurred. With regard to issues with applications/plugins, we had already planned fixes for those but the main stability issues made it quite impossible to stay on the new version for longer.


Myself, the Staff Team along with Jocker feel like we owe you all an apology for how this turned out. We all know that you had been waiting for this for a while now.


Lastly, I have to assure you that we will still work harder than before to fully complete V4 so you ALL can enjoy all the new looks and ideas that are yet to come. Along with that, we will be hosting an open beta testing prior to launch of V4 once it's finished again and there won't be any data loss while we do the move.


For what happened we will be awarding a compensation to all advertisers that pinned threads or advertisements of +1 day to their count.



Nulled Administration.

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