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News Discover Kuailian, THE NEW WAY TO INVEST!

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News Discover Kuailian, THE NEW WAY TO INVEST!




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Good morning all.


Today I present to you a project that I discovered a few months ago, Kuailian.

Before getting to the heart of the matter, I will make a brief introduction to the world of cryptocurrency so that the rest of this topic seems clearer to you.


What is cryptocurrency and how does it work ?


Notice to insiders in the world of crypto :

If you have already bought or you have cryptocurrencies, that you know the principle of Blockchain you can skip the explanations which follow ...



A cryptocurrency is an electronic money supported by a decentralized computer network (peer to peer) and whose transactions and issuance are based on cryptographic algorithms. These currencies are therefore virtual, there will be no "physical bitcoin". Cryptocurrencies are all based on the same principle: Blockchain. Cryptocurrencies are a series of numbers stored on a computer in the form of block chains. Here is a small paragraph that illustrates the blockchain principle a bit: 


Les Echos: Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies :

Take a database. Authorize anyone to make changes to this database, only if they declare themselves a "member". Set up a very long and very complex control procedure which must be carried out each time a certain number ("block") of changes is requested. This procedure is carried out not by a single controller, but by all the voluntary “members”. Once validated, the "block" of changes is dated and added to the others in the register. Finally, allow everyone to read the registry, and you have a blockchain database.


So, to "manufacture" cryptocurrency you have to go through a mining process. As a miner, you mine a cryptocurrency (nothing to do with minecraft) and your goal as a miner is to validate transactions. To confirm a transaction, a miner must find the product of a cryptographic function that connects the new block to its predecessor. This is more commonly known as proof of work (POW). In exchange for the work provided and the computing power used during the validation of the transaction, a token is paid to the minor and he thus obtains remuneration.


I'm not hiding from you that today, to mine BTC, it's very complicated, especially for an individual. Many professionals have specialized in cryptocurrency mining, and this in huge buildings where servers are running day and night to mine cryptocurrency. There is "cloud-mining" which has been developing for some time, but I do not find this method necessarily interesting. However, over the years, we have realized that POW requires a large amount of electricity, so a new alternative has emerged to overcome this problem.





Proof of Stake (PoS, or proof of stake in French) is one of the most common blockchain consensus mechanisms with PoW. The proof of stake is positioned as an alternative to the proof of work to avoid energy overconsumption and the environmental problems associated with it, but also the risk of a progressive centralization of the network. The Proof of Stake does not require any form of mining and is based on an entirely different mechanism. We will therefore not speak of miners, but of "minters".


How a Proof of Stake protocol works :

The operation of a Proof of Stake protocol is much easier to understand than that of Proof of Work. A proof of stake algorithm implies that different network users deposit part of their holdings in cryptocurrency to become minters. The algorithm is then based on the head of the blockchain (the last block in the chain) to randomly select a minter and offer it the right to create the next block.


If the latter does not create the block within a given time interval, the algorithm will automatically select a second validator in its place. In Proof of Stake, the longest chain is the one considered by default as valid.


Just remember that PoS allows you to consume less electricity than proof of work, avoid the risks of centralization and that with this protocol cryptocurrencies are less likely to be inflationary. Nevertheless, PoS remains less secure than PoW, in particular via the “Nothing at Stake” problem. Finally, "new generation" blockchains are increasingly tending to adopt a Delegated Proof of Stake protocol, often considered to be one of the most balanced protocols between network security, decentralization and scalability.



What is Kuailian ?


WARNING : I specify that this discussion is not remunerated or resulting from a partnership, I simply share with you a project that I consider interesting, if you are interested in the investment.


After making this little reminder about cryptocurrencies in their general sense, we will now get to the heart of the matter and I will present the Kuailian site, which works directly with the principle of PoS and the smart contract !


Just to get it right, you know that blockchain is a revolutionary technology that allows us to store transfers and transmit information in a completely secure way and without control bodies (no bank that manages transactions). You have the detailed explanation of how it works above.


Blockchain is used in 3 different ways :

- Transfer of assets, money or shares

- Provides better asset traceability

- Automatically execute contracts


There is no intermediary between the users, these infos are protected and no user can modify them. Once the contract has been validated, neither of the 2 users can modify the contract. I also specify that these are not contracts with a legal value like a CDI for example, they are simply irrevocable computer programs. I let you consult this site if you want to know more about the principle of smart contracts, but you can therefore be quiet at this level.


Is the company legal ?


Thus, Kuailian is a decentralized ecosystem, because the site was founded with the aim of creating services based on blockchain technology. Let's take a closer look at the level of legislation.


The answer is YES ! Kuailian is a commercial automation company based in the EU, Estonia, which has crypto licenses (exchange & wallet). This obviously respects European legislation. It is also a subsidiary of the EEA group (Entreprises Ethereum Alliance). For those who do not know, the EEA is an organization composed of experts, users and companies whose objective is to allow the harmonization and connection of the different companies that operate on the Ethereum Blockchain. The companies that are part of the EEA are "high-end" companies, such as Microsoft or Intel, and even banks like BBVA or Santander. We are clearly not talking about small startups that have just opened.


How does Kuailian work ?


Now let's take a look at how the site works, let's take up the ecosystem I told you about before:


Kuailian Academy


Kuailian also offers, for its users, an academy to give you the opportunity to learn how the economy and the financial markets, the cryptocurrency market work… this platform has been constantly expanding since its creation. I would not go into detail on this because it is not the thing that interests us the most. If you want more information on the financial markets or the economy, let me know I could post a few topics on it if it is of interest.



Smart Pool


We will focus here on the very principle of Kuailian. The smart pool here is infused with artificial intelligence, which will work with the masternodes. If you don't know what a masternode is, here's a quick explanation, because after all, you're here to learn!


The use of masternodes comes with the principle of PoS. To put it simply, a masternode is a connected server, with a precise setup. The purpose of a masternode is relatively simple: it performs, validates and transmits transactions over the network. Once the set is installed and configured correctly, it is necessary to keep a certain amount of tokens called "collateral" in a wallet controlled by the masternode. This collateral is variable depending on the cryptocurrencies: 1000 tokens for Dash, 10000 for Pivx, etc. Then, interest is paid regularly to the owner of the masternode, so these are the rewards.



To allow you to better see what it represents, imagine that you are making a bank transaction and you are sending money to a friend. Someone (or a program) must validate the transaction before your friend receives the money. This program checks if you have money on your account and that your friend can receive money. Well, the masternodes use the same principle. They are used to validate transactions.


The major advantage of investing in masternodes is that we are not dependent on the price of cryptocurrency. Whether the price of a crypto goes up or down, we always generate profits. As long as cryptocurrencies exist, there will be transactions. As long as there are transactions, you will receive your profits. Whereas an average investor who is content to buy $ 100 of BTC for example, if he buys it at $ 7,000 and the BTC goes up to $ 7,500, he generates profit. On the other hand, if the BTC drops to $ 6,500, it will have lost part of its capital.


The goal of Kuailian is to be able to facilitate your investment in masternodes. Here, we are not investing in a single masternode of a crypto, but in several, which will give us a greater return. The interest generated by the pool thanks to your investment is returned to you daily, automatically via the principle of smart contracts.


Kuailian's smart pool offers 2 different configurations, or 2 smart contracts if you prefer.


Each contract, also called KUAI which corresponds to the unity of a contract on the site. A KUAI is not a cryptocurrency! It is simply the name given to each contract. You can buy as many contracts as you want, when you want. 1 KUAI = $ 100, so you cannot invest less (the utility?) And the investments are therefore made in increments of $ 100. You cannot buy $ 1,234.50 from KUAI for example.


Here is a table presenting the 2 contracts available on the site.


Contrat 1 : Low Risk (LR)


Crypto repair: 80% stable / 20 % moins stable

Contract length: 1000 days - 3 years

Price (Kuai value):  100 $

Condition: Account activated

Profitability: 4 to 10% monthly

Activation time: 10 to 13 days


Contrat 2 : Medium Risk (MR)


Crypto repair: 60% stable / 40 % moins stable

Contract length: 1000 days - 3 years

Price (Kuai value):  100 $

Condition: 3 Low Risk = 1 Medium Risk*

Profitability: 10 to 20% monthly

Activation time: 10 to 13 days




A little more precision on this table. The 1st type of contract exists since the creation of the site, it gives you between 4 to 10% of profits on your starting capital. This percentage therefore depends on the cryptos concerned and the number of transactions made via masternodes. The second type of contract gives you between 10 to 20% monthly. The only condition to buy these contracts is that you must hold 3 LOW RISK contracts to buy 1 MEDIUM RISK * contract. I would point out that Medium Risk is a new type of contract, it was recently released. This is why you can access a *promotion until June 4, 2020: for an LR contract, you can buy an MR* contract. So, you can distribute 50% LR / 50% MR of your investment capital, and thus increase your monthly profitability tenfold.


You must have paid the activation fees for your account before you can invest. It's around forty euros ($ 50) payable only once in your life as a cryptocurrency investor. There is a period of 10 to 13 days maximum between the time you take out your contracts and the time you receive your winnings in your wallet. Site experts meet weekly to determine the percentages achieved using masternodes. You have access to each meeting on the site in order to see for yourself what crypts are used, their performance, etc.



Kuailian Bank


Kuailian offers its own internal service to buy cryptocurrencies and use them to trade. I would not go further in this part because it is not frankly interesting, the more known platforms are much more advantageous in terms of costs.



Why join Kuailian ?





The major advantage of this company lies in transparency towards its users. Indeed, you have access to all the complete portfolios of the entire website, whether it is the portfolio where profits are generated, money invested, registration fees ... in short you know everything about everything and this is what makes the strength of the company, chose that you do not find in this type of industry.


Here are the 5 main reasons to remember why you can join Kuailian :

Easy access via the simple payment of the activation of the $ 50.95 Ethereum account.

- Company that operates with 100% transparency.

- Numerous automatisms that manage the system: no need for human intervention.

- Thanks to machine learning and AI tools, the pool adapts to market changes and maintains investment efficiency.

- You are the master of your income. You have control, your profits are paid to you daily on the portfolio of your choice.


So here the main goal of the site is to allow you to generate passive income, by investing in masternodes, quite simply.

You are not going to be rich overnight, but it is a long-term investment. The profits you receive do not fall from the sky, it is simply the profits generated following your investment that are transferred to you.



Another way to generate profits with Kuailian ?


I presented the first method to you, the one that is the most profitable, but it is not the only one on Kuailian! Indeed, you can generate your returns according to your investment.


The second option, completely optional, is by talking about the Kuailian services around you. Please note, I'm not talking about MLM here, it's a classic affiliate system, as you can find on a good number of sites. It is an effective commercial technique to propel a business, everyone is a winner.


Here is a diagram of the complete Kuailian structure :





We can therefore see (far left) that society is only paid with daily profits with only 14% of profits. The percentages you see do not affect the monthly return on your investment. This diagram explains transparently how the winnings are distributed. Let’s illustrate this with an example:


Situation : 


Toto invests $ 600 in Kuailian. He can take advantage of the promotion on MR and will therefore invest $ 300 in LR and $ 300 in MR in order to have better profitability. (this is what I advise to do personally).


Toto has some friends interested in crypto, he talks about Kuailian and how it works. He has an interested friend, Pierre, he registers on Kuailian thanks to Toto and activates his account by sending the $ 50 from Ethereum. Pierre invests $ 1000 in Kuailian, Toto will receive the next day 10% of Toto's investment, or $ 100 on his portfolio, since Pierre is on his first level. This is called the fast bonus. 12 days later, Pierre's contracts are active and he begins to receive his daily earnings.


Toto will receive 8% on the profits generated by Pierre, this is called the residual bonus. Seduced, he told his friend Sarah about it, who in turn invested $ 1,000. Pierre will take 10%, or $ 100, and Toto will take $ 30, since Sarah is at her second level. It is the same principle with the residual gains. I feel that you are beginning to understand the principle of levels. You just have to repeat the operation on 10 levels, reducing each time the percentage, as you see on the diagram above.


There are no limits in affiliation, you can have as many people in your first row, or just one person and have everything in your 2nd row. You do it the way you want, you have total control again. You can hit percentages up to your tenth place because it's a win-win. Kuailian pays you because it is thanks to your action that these people have invested. This proves once again that this project respects everyone's investment power and gives everyone the chance to be successful in this activity.


I specify that the affiliation is completely optional, nothing obliges you to speak about it, you can collect your profits without the help of anybody. I just wanted to show you the whole project, not putting anything aside so that you can fully exploit the potential of the structure.



Check your account


Who says investment company says account verification. After all, as soon as we talk about money transfer, whether at a broker, a crypto buying site, in sports betting, whatever. You will always be asked to verify your identity, using your ID card or any other valid piece of ID (permit, passport). This is an essential step for all finance sites regulated by law.


Well it's exactly the same on Kuailian. For this, the site uses a system called KYC (Know Your Customer), it is a simple, automatic and fast process to verify the identity of each. From the moment you create your account, you have 90 days to complete the KYC. Beyond this, your account will be temporarily suspended until the identity is confirmed. This system makes it possible to detect fraud or even to self-sponsor for example. So you have 3 chances to check your documents.

I recommend you do it on the phone, it's much more practical, in 2 photos it is set you wait 2 minutes for the algorithm to validate your parts and the story is set. Do it when your licenses are not yet active, so you won't have to think about it afterwards.



If you have ever failed your 3 attempts for X reason, do not panic, you will simply have to contact the support (very reactive by the way!) So that they can reset your KYC or directly send them your identity document, they will 'will do it.


If you have any concerns you can also contact me privately. ;)



Welcome to Kuailian!


As you have seen, Kuailian presents itself to the world with an ambitious project. Completely transparent, decentralized, autonomous, regulated and with the aim of raising current standards.


The project was born over a year and a half ago, during this period the evolution was noticeable, currently the company has more than 30,000 customers, demonstrating sustained growth and great solidity as a project.


Without a doubt, the tools that have been created for the management of the project administration are a clear guarantee, which really shows us that we are facing a movement that will mark a before and after in decentralized finance. The key to change is already in your hands, it's time to make your money work smarter.


When registering, be sure to enter an email address to which you have access. You will be asked to confirm your account.

I also point out that we do not receive advertising / spam from Kuailian.




This is the end of this presentation! I hope that it has you more and that all these elements could be clear for you.

If you have any questions, something you didn't understand, you can contact me directly by clicking here.


I wish you a pleasant day / evening depending on when you read this discussion.


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