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#40288627 I just got scammed (HELP)

Posted by lilgela777 on 08 October 2022 - 08:33 AM in The Lounge

Bro, I was hungry asf and I was acting out of emotion because it's 12AM and none of my trusted food servers are running, so I joined random ones just nonchalantly sending my $20 to a "vouched" food plug. I didn't think it really mattered cause I've never heard of food plug scammers, so now I'm talking to this 15 year old kid and he wants to be my friend cause we're the same ethnicity. I'm playing it out and seeing what I can do to fvck this kid, ima try to get my money back through my bank but I was thinking about getting trusted enough by him to send him a grabify link.


Any other alternatives or tips to find this kid's ip on discord efficiently so I can fuck him up?