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Posted by Suxyy on 14 May 2024 - 03:07 AM in Thothub

Tip: Upgraded people can see the hidden content without having to reply to the threat.


I hope ya all will appreciate this high quality leak.




The one and only Deepnude Online app, which allows you to use Deepnude without download, completely free

The software, called DeepNude, uses a photo of a clothed person and creates a new, naked image of that same person. It swaps clothes for naked breasts and a vulva, and only works on images of women. When we tried using an image of a man, it replaced his pants with a vulva. While DeepNude works with varying levels of success on images of fully clothed women, it appears to work best on images where the person is already showing a lot of skin.


This article provides an in-depth comparison review of deepnude apps.
One year has passed since the emergence of Deepnude, one of the deepfake techniques.
I hope to help readers make choices among similar apps.
Table of Contents

  • TLDR
  • App List
  • Image Comparison Table
  • Feature Comparison Table
  • Discussion
  • Conclusion

As of 2021, Best app is mentioned in the thread.
Don’t waste your time with Deepnude variants.
If you want a more detailed explanation and reviews about other apps keep reading this post.


App List
As of 2021, I have picked up as many apps as possible that you can try online for free.
The list of apps to compare this time is as follows.

Image Comparison Table


It’s obvious which app is better.



Feature Comparison Table


The image above compares the apps in terms of price, responsiveness, and image quality.


All apps are available for free.
Some apps have a limited number of uses, and you can remove the limit by charging.


I compared the response speed of the entire site and the waiting time until a nude image was generated.
Some of them were the fastest in image generation speed.


Image Quality
The quality of the nude image was evaluated in detail.
Overall quality : evaluated based on the naturalness of the generated images.
Clothing Versatility : evaluated based on variation of clothing the subject wearing on when the app can produce natural images. All apps showed a tendency to be more unnatural as the area of the clothing was larger.
Keeping Original Quality : evaluated based on how well the quality of the uploaded image is maintained.
As is clear from the image comparison table, the one was mentioned above was the best in all categories.


Flooding of deepnude variants
With the exception of some, other apps had similar results.
It seems to be a copy of the original deepnude whose source code leaked.
This is because they share the same patterns of image artifacts and the fact that they can only deal with bikinis.
Deepnude variants have common weaknesses.
One of the creator of the Deep Nude variant admits:



Deepnude variants sometimes produces natural images only when the target clothing is a bikini.

But this is of little use for real-world.

To overcome this weakness, we need to get away from shoddy copies of the original Deepnude.
The key to AI models is data and algorithms.
The data used in the original deep nude was about 10,000 images.
Also, the algorithm is a little old one that appeared in 2017.
It is necessary to create an sophisticated AI model that incorporates vast amounts of data and the state of the art AI algorithms.


The one mentioned above is a much more advanced app from the deepnude variants in that regard.
The one site describes the AI model used as follows.
1 : millions of data
2 : years of research
3 : months of AI model training


The best deep nude app of 2021 was the site mentioned above.
Other apps seem to be a copy of original Deepnude, which only support bikinis.
Don’t waste your time with deepnude variants.