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#45227629 BLTools 2.8.3 [Cracked] + 23 Projects

Posted by labicrave on 04 March 2024 - 10:29 PM in Cracking Tools





Update v2.8.3
-Fix utilities with a crash when loading logs
-Added a knockdown in Telegram when you finish working or when you click on STOP. (To configure this option, you need to create a bot in telegram, get its Token, and also find out the recipient's account ID in telegram)
-Other minor fixes




Virustotal links:





thxx brooo

#44042292 Disney+ checker & Source code - Coded by me

Posted by labicrave on 04 October 2023 - 07:33 PM in Cracking Tools





Info: Simple open source account checker coded by me on the 1/10/22, great for learning purposes and everything is working and does not skip, captures premium accounts only along with their plan and automatically saves them to Hits.txt, you can use any type of proxy(http, socks4, socks4a, socks5) ip:port or ip:port:user:pass. Additionally you can use it to recheck cracked accounts that are email:pass <capture>. settings of this checker are simple, Threads, Proxy Timeout(in milliseconds: ex. 5000 = 5sec) and Proxy Type(http, socks4, socks4a, socks5). This was originally going to be released to paid users of this forum but unfortunately it takes too long to receive Program ID's so I decided to release it to all members.


Example of capture:

[email protected]:iran1342 | Disney Plus Monthly - NZ - Web - 2021 | disney_plus_sub:base | DISNEY_PLUS_NO_ADS | DISNEY_PLUS | Disney Plus Monthly - NZ - Web - 2021 | disney_plus_sub:base | DISNEY_PLUS_NO_ADS | DISNEY_PLUS - trevasaurus




Full source code including compiled checker(in release folder)



Requirements are .Net Framework 4.8


Virustotal 4/70 - run in sandboxie or a virtual machine if you do not trust me, or read the source code:

Show some appreciation! This was originally going to be for paid members!!

thxx bro

#44042282 Disney+ Email Checker - Proxyless(With source)

Posted by labicrave on 04 October 2023 - 07:31 PM in Cracking Tools


Leave some green you leechy little cunts, cheers.


This is more for educational purposes as I had issues with me getting 403 errors after running it too fast, it may work if you change the settings in the config.ini and slow it down, otherwise this is only as good as a source code to learn from - it's heavily commented.


Coded by me - run on a virtual machine or sandbox if you don't trust it


In the release section of the folder you'll find the application, open the config.ini and change the settings to whichever you prefer.

you must add your own authorization token to config.ini from the disney plus login page! - NO TUTORIAL FOR THAT - DEVELOPER TOOLS!




Haven't ran it for any longer than that video above.





virus total of .exe 3/66