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#28178327 redacted

Posted by janett385 on 13 June 2020 - 07:49 PM in Cracking Tutorials









Leechers will be downvoted and -repped!  :pepi:
Enjoy!  :jew:

thanks :)

#28178135 [Tutorial] How to Create a simple config in OpenBullet

Posted by janett385 on 13 June 2020 - 07:38 PM in Cracking Tutorials


Hello everyone and welcome to my first thread on Nulled.

In this guide, you will clearly learn ALL the things you need to crack accounts.
That guide took me a long time to write and so much more time to learn what im going to explain to you now.


Summary of what you will learn:


What will we do?

In this tutorial, we will learn how to create config’s inside of OpenBullet. The config’s we will be making today are OpenBullet .Loli configs.


How to do it?

(How to create the config)


Configs: Different types of configs?


Loli ConfigsIs the original OpenBullet config type. Its unsecure if you are selling configs using .loli as its unencrypted.

CTO Configs – Are configs that are made for the forum mod by Forlax. Because we are on Nulled I can not provide you with a link. These configs only work with tools and requires auth.

Anom Config – Anom configs are configs which are made for the Anomly OpenBullet.
Modded Open Bullet Downloads:


So guys we are done! You can sell these config’s or post them on Nulled to get easy likes.


Thank you very much !

#28178052 [Tutorial] How to Create a COMPLEX config in OpenBullet (Tokens)

Posted by janett385 on 13 June 2020 - 07:33 PM in Cracking Tutorials


Hi Everyone, yesterday I wrote a guide on how you can make simple configs.
Today I am going to teach you how you can create a Complex/Hard config.
These are for sites which require more than just a USER:PASS or EMAIL:PASS


This tutorial Is not a Capture config tutorial it is for a Complex Token OpenBullet Config!
What You Will Learn Today:


What are Simple Configs?

Simple Configs are Configs which are very simple and easy to make.

This means they will not have a capture or require any tokens. These are good for start up sites like forums or music streaming sites.


What are Complex Configs?
Complex Configs are complicated configs which require much more work than a "Simple Config" to make. This means they usally need some type of cookie/token

 What's the difference between each Config File type?


How To Create A Complex Open Bullet Config?




Download Open Bullet (Thread Links)




This guide took me ages to make and even longer to find out how to do it please DONT LEECH


thanks for this :)

#28177881 {2020} Cracking Packs - All Checkers And Tools And Confgis

Posted by janett385 on 13 June 2020 - 07:23 PM in Cracking Tools

Notice :  20/04/2020
The tools will be updated every time any tool is updated by its owner And  add New tools and configs . Enjoy :)


Link :



Key :









-Configs Blackbullet        : 20/04/2020

-Configs OpenBullet         :  20/04/2020

-Configs Openbullet anomaly : 20/04/2020

-Configs Sentry mba         : 20/04/2020

-Sqli Dumper All Version    : 20/04/2020

-Tools Checkers             : 20/04/2020

-Tools Combo list           : 20/04/2020

-Tools Dorks                : 20/04/2020

-Tools Keywords             : 20/04/2020

-Tools Mail Access          : 20/04/2020

-Tools Proxy                : 20/04/2020

-Tools & Checkers  X-slayer :  20/04/2020

-Tools & Checkers xRisky    : 20/04/2020

-Other Tools                : 20/04/2020

looks interesting thx