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#30357568 TheGentsMarket

Posted by CharlesT on 10 October 2020 - 05:38 AM in Solved

I had faith that the account were to work later. as in the screenshots porvided he mentions that i will have full access forever. i clearly ask him aswell if it will last forever and he says if i follow his steps then yes. after 7 hours he replies and shows me a account. i was scared that he was actually scamming so i just took the account. yes i should have waited till the next day but his "method" should have last "forever" no?

I have also provided screenshots from his store to show that not just me has claimed that he fakes the account/ retracts it back later on.


here is also another scam report placed by someone although they have not shown proof its still others. @lucas

Might i also add that he gave the wrong product. i cleared it up with him and had asked him to either send me a different account with what i paid for or a 6 dollar refund/discount on the next purchase in which all he had said was we will see. Thats not how business is done. either he should have refunded me the 6 dollars or agreed to discount me or to send me a account with what i paid for

Hello, good day. Thank you for your patience everyone.

I stated that the price is $24.99 for Ultimate/Champions but $19.99 for FIFA 21 or Standard Edition ( Proof below )

He paid a total of $23.99 for Ultimate Edition and I gave him a FIFA 21 normal edition ( because he wanted an account on a hurry. )

Proof Of his Payment :

He claims of paying extra $6, he paid $23.99 for something that costs $19.99 , so that means I owe him $4 not $6.

- In the discussion here over this topic, he mentions $6. ( )

- Then mentions $5 on telegram chat ( )  then mentions $6 on telegram chat ( ) again. 

Just to prove that he himself is confused. Even though he said " or literally any FIFA 21 account now " here :

Commenting on your demand at the bottom lines of the message I am quoting now and after reading Mr. @Lucas 's response, I can understand you either want :

- A refund of ($4)
- A discount on next purchase ( $4 )
- A replacement of FIFA 21

I can do the 1st, the 2nd, but not the 3rd. Message me on telegram to further proceed your demand.

Thank you all and thank you Mr. @Lucas for giving us your time.

#30343505 TheGentsMarket

Posted by CharlesT on 09 October 2020 - 12:40 PM in Solved

Good point there Mr. @Lucas . The account was ready but he had to take a nap before going into his PS4. It seems that by the time he signed into the account, the owner was signed out at that moment, which is something he is held accountable of.

Another point I want to address is his claim of 2FA removal, which I abecause i didn't develop on that in my previous reply, which I am not certain if it was him or the owner that removed the 2FA.

So far his mistakes :

- Lying ( 2 Times ) :

Accusing us that it didn't work when it actually did and he took the time to change it's email, password and verify the account has the game.

• He didn't upload a photo of downloads as he claimed that he will " First thing In the morning I will if possible. And ill give a very good review " , which is a proof that he didn't login to the account on his PS4 the same moment of receival ( which is basically the next point )

Procrastinating : Changed credentials via laptop as mentioned in conversation but didn't login to his PS4 at the same time.

Respected Staff Member Mr. @Lucas , I hope this case is resolved as soon as possible, I don't like the tag " Deal with caution User has an open scam report. " on my profile when I work hard to prove my legitimacy via and which is a telegram channel SPECIFICALLY MADE for PS4 vouches.

I am actively considering this case for any further developments or required contributions from my end.



#30343259 TheGentsMarket

Posted by CharlesT on 09 October 2020 - 12:17 PM in Solved

I have read the thread's first post and it appears you have in deed provided proof of conversation and payment. Here's my response :

Let me clarify this case. He received a FIFA 21 account from me.


- Sequence of conversation from the screenshot he provided above to indicate that I was part of the conversation :

- When account was ready , here is the conversation :


- His Telegram Profile :

He then posted a reply SPECIFICALLY on this thread mentioning that he received a reply from me and that the case is resolved and can be closed. I took a screenshot as a proof to prevent any further misclaims :

When he screwed the account in some way, that because of changing the email and password of the account and that his 2FA was removed as it seems the owner of the account has detected that his account is being stolen, he came back to Nulled and edited his comment to  " recieved a reply after 7 hours... but the account doesn't work ". You can see his comment highlighted as " edited. "


Furthermore, I understand his desire of changing the email and password to maintain longevity of account but apparently it didn't work for him as the owner has been notified. Who knows, he could've removed the 2FA himself as a hope of receiving another account to befool me as removing 2FA manually will notify the linked phone whether it's the owner of the account or Mr. @Da_Cult / Mofo50 who removed the 2FA.

On my channel, I do not provide any warranty other than login warranty, just like any PSN account seller out there.

Check my telegram channel and read the pinned post yourself.

Mr. @Lucas , we need your attention here.


#30342445 TheGentsMarket

Posted by CharlesT on 09 October 2020 - 10:59 AM in Solved

Hello, good day. Could you please provide a screenshot of conversation proof between us & payment method used? Thank you.

#30338511 TheGentsMarket

Posted by CharlesT on 09 October 2020 - 03:52 AM in Solved

Hello, good day everyone.

Mr. @Lucas , thank you for your patience. Mofo case is resolved. Please check here :


Regarding this case over here, it is totally undeveloped which puts me in an unnecessary confusion and having " user has a scam report open " is totally exaggerated.

Whoever is concerned, please mention :

- Screenshots any conversation proof held between us

- What did you purchase and what payment method you used + payment details such as your email/username.

Thank you, and I am awaiting any response.

#30226105 Make easy money in BTC FAST | Method working 2020 |

Posted by CharlesT on 02 October 2020 - 08:36 PM in Monetizing Techniques


This is a method that I did for a little bit a couple months back

It's incredibly easy to do but quite a mundane task


Now you might be thinking, haven't I read a method from MrWalmart before?

God damn right you have. This is probably the most noob friendly one.


When do I get paid?

Every 15 days


How do I get paid?

Straight into your Bitcoin wallet


What countries does this method work in?

This is a method that works Pitbull style, Mr Worldwide


How much will I get paid?

Minimum of $50, there's no real maximum if you scale it


How much do I need to invest?

I'd recommend a small investment, but it's optional




Leechers will have their nuttsack manually removed!









#30225331 Make $50-200 a day |EASY 2020 INCOME|

Posted by CharlesT on 02 October 2020 - 07:46 PM in Monetizing Techniques


Time for a method that'll blow your mindhole

It's a combination of two well known practices


Put together they are 200IQ.


Leechers will be manually reported!



Excited, especially interesting mentioning the IQ part. 

#30113535 [Autobuy] PepeHand's Shop - Food, Porn, Streaming and more!

Posted by CharlesT on 26 September 2020 - 07:36 PM in Accounts


#30110641 [Autobuy] PepeHand's Shop - Food, Porn, Streaming and more!

Posted by CharlesT on 26 September 2020 - 04:37 PM in Accounts


#30104505 Sales Closed!

Posted by CharlesT on 26 September 2020 - 09:11 AM in Accounts


#29888971 x52 ExpressVpn Accounts

Posted by CharlesT on 14 September 2020 - 01:57 PM in Accounts

Enjoy <3

Been looking for those!


Posted by CharlesT on 14 September 2020 - 10:22 AM in Accounts


Love it. You're a gent.

#29852782 x200 Steam Accounts { HQ /Full Capture }

Posted by CharlesT on 12 September 2020 - 03:43 PM in Accounts


Leechers = ban










\/ My Shop for Steam Accounts too {Private} \/


Time for some games. 

#29722446 300x Wish Accounts[All with balance]

Posted by CharlesT on 05 September 2020 - 06:48 PM in Accounts

You're a legend.


Posted by CharlesT on 05 September 2020 - 06:39 PM in Social Engineering

Thank you for the contribution. We need such a leak.