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Posted by Bankroll on 27 April 2024 - 12:14 AM in Accounts

Big Vouch! Account works perfectly + warranty can’t go wrong. Even gave a slight discount since I didn’t have enough funds in my wallet. Nice seller & knows what he’s doing, highly recommended!!

#44655013 Scam report against | /user/3893239-majixmuzik | $15

Posted by Bankroll on 14 December 2023 - 04:56 AM in Solved

Username: majixmuzik
Profile Link: https://www.nulled.t...3239-majixmuzik

Description: Playstation Account

Thread: https://www.nulled.t...age-1?hl=madden


Amount: $15

Proof of Payment:

Additional Information:
As you can see at the beginning he told me that Yes you can gameshare it on the playstation meaning I wouldn’t have to be signed in on that account or have to play on that account I could play on my main account and share the game. He gave me a keep in mind CRACKED account and tells me I have to play on it and the account’s gameshare was locked. Oh well couldn’t complain for the price. Before I knew the info couldn’t be changed and it was cracked I attempted to change it once, then he told me not to and we settled it there.

Now I haven’t been on the account in 3-4 days now and he’s going off because the information on the account was changed when obviously when it’s cracked the owner can change the information. He thinks because I changed it once I did it again when I can’t in the first place because I was only logged in via QR code on playstation so I did not get the password to the account as you can see in the convo. To change the password I need to answer a security question or have the date of birth which I had neither nor is that info available on playstation unless I logged in on the website, which is not possible with QR code. He refuses to give another account and is now saying he owned the account, obviously lying and shouldn’t even be allowed to sell with this kind of behavior.

LTC Address: ltc1qfw850hedkt9t734eczn2xu4melxtu826006vmn