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#44912071 Scam report against | /user/3298549-pageone2 | $529 + $25

Posted by Zewes on 17 January 2024 - 02:17 AM in Solved

@Lucas solved, user claimed his phone broke & owner took the package by the time he read my message, he refunded the address fee. I'd like to close the report.

#44910901 Scam report against | /user/3298549-pageone2 | $529 + $25

Posted by Zewes on 16 January 2024 - 10:49 PM in Solved

Username: PageOne2


Profile Link: https://www.nulled.t...298549-pageone2


Short Description Of Product/Service: Drop Service


Thread of sales: https://www.nulled.t...vice-out-there/


Screenshots of conversation: &

Amount scammed: $529(item) + $25(new address)

Proof of payment: btc txid 1c32b9ba1d379aee09c9a1adf9642cd69b1a33ce7348610d1ca333bc9956d906

Additional Information: Used this guy's service a couple of times without any problem but this time the item was delivered to his drop on the 8th, he responded on the 10th and then continued ignoring.

Crypto Address to receive refund on (if email address, pm @Lucas  ): Will Provide upon request.