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#45144594 Apple Europe (DE, UK, etc) replacement method?

Posted by FelisCatus on 20 February 2024 - 02:13 PM in Social Engineering



Maybe this was answered before but does claiming EB for still work for replacement or another method is used now (If you dont mind sharing)?


Thank you

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#45068259 affidavit 1 year after successfull refund

Posted by FelisCatus on 08 February 2024 - 06:31 PM in Social Engineering

Hey folks,

So I've been out of the loop for some time. Now I have this problem:

Few days ago, a company I did a successful refund on with a LIT service over 1 year ago, send me an email asking me to sign a declaration about sending back the Item.
If I don't sign it. They state that they might claim a reimbursement.

Now since I used a FTID service and its been so long i dont know where exactly the package has been dropped and also not the exact dateā€¦

What are your thoughts on that? Why do they need that so long after the refund? I would immagine for the incurance?

What would you advice me to do to be the safest?

sign it.